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DILCO MARKETING is an industry leader in DOOR MACHINERY, WOODWORKING MACHINERY, ROOF TRUSS MACHINERY and WALL PANEL MACHINERY. With over 30 years in the millwork and home building industry, Dilco offers depth of knowledge and scope regarding numerous applications to solving production solutions for Door Shops; Cabinet Shops, Door Manufacturing; Roof Truss Plants; and Wall Panel Plants.

We provide factory layouts and custom designs for large and small facilities and integrate production solutions, material flow, machinery selection and layout to provide the most efficient system for your needs.

We also offer Turnkey solutions for your production facility. We can design, provide and install a complete factory for Doors, Cabinets, Millwork, Wall Panels, and Roof Truss facilities.

We offer New and Used machinery and Custom made machinery to fit your manufacturing and processing needs.
For questions and free consultation, call us at 530-345-4536.

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