Turnkey Setup

Complete Turnkey Factory Setups!


Turnkey Door Manufacturing

Dilco Marketing – Complete Turnkey Factory Setups & Door Manufacturing


Consulting for:

– Panel Doors (Stile and Rail Doors)

– Hollow metal door manufacturing

– Fire door manufacturing

– Steel insulated residential doors

The Dilco team has several years of experience in the setup, manufacturing and machining of all types of steel and wood doors. 

If you are considering a manufacturing facility of any size please contact us and  let the Dilco team get you started. Whether you want to manufacture 50 doors a day or 10,000 doors a day; Dilco can help.

Services available:
1. Factory Design
2. Door design: Wood Panel Doors, Hollow Metal, Wood Fire Label & Steel Residential Doors
3. Manufacturing machinery recommendations and selection.
4. Production flow design.
5. Machinery installation.
6. Global Service. We set up factories anywhere in the world!