2002 IBS Interior / Exterior Wall Panel Line


2002 IBS Interior/Exterior Wall Panel Line

Location: WV
Price:   SOLD
Attributes:     Reduced

Details:  [Updated: 8/18/2009]
-Lauderdale Hamilton Super Chop Saw with 16′ Tiger Stop
-IBS Sub-Component Nailer with Infeed & Outfeed Conveyor
-IBS Sub-Component Table with Auto Stop & Pop-Up Skatewheel Conveyor
-IBS 12′ x 16′ Framing Table with Tool Dollies, Light Bar & Auto Stop
-IBS 12′ x 16′ Sheathing/Squaring Table
-IBS 12′ x 16′ Sheathing/Squaring Table with Auto Sheathing Bridge
-IBS Auto Sheathing Router
-IBS Sheathing Transfer Conveyor & Material Bridge
-IBS Plant Net System – 7 Terminals with Stands & 1 Hub
-Accumulation Roller Conveyor
-(2) IBS Wall Panel Lifts
-Excludes Senco Nail & Staple Guns