CNC Dovetail Machine 1 Model

CNC Dovetail Machine 1 Model


CNC Dovetail Machine (1 Model)


  • PC Control, high-tech automatic Dovetail Machine, mass production for various tenon sizes, shape and lengths

  • Heavy steel frame and cast iron table for long life of usage.

  • Four large air clamps for making two sets of male and female dovetails at same time.

  • Auto program movements for complete cutting circle.

  • Servo router head travels at precision liner bearing providing smooth and accuracy.

  • Male and female dovetails are produced at same time for maximum match.

  • Variable cutting speeds for best finish of different materials.

  • Easy operation and maintenance.

  • CNC Dovetail Machine is designed into five models. Operators can choose or increase models according to demands. Four models are adjustable, able to change or design wood materials variously. Able to set the working speed, sizes of tenons & mortises, intervals by simple humanity operation interface. The files can be saved for repeated use.

  • NONSTOP WORKING DESIGN: After operators input programs, T5 will separate the working tables into left & right areas. When one area is working, operators can change materials at the other area. In this motion T5 doesn’t need to stop & increases work efficiency.

  • MAIN MOTOR: Good-performance motor imported from Italy. Durable & stable. The rotation speed is up to 24000 RPM.

  • PROCESSOR: Quality PLC made by Japan Mitsubishi. All electrical equipment conforms to CE standards.

  • DEBUG SYSTEM: The computer stops automatically under perfect protection upon wrong operation or setting for fear of over stroke. Detailed error messages will be shown for operators to understand & debug.

  • CIRCUIT DESIGN: The machine stops automatically under power failure or insufficient air pressure for fear of danger led by clamping cylinder.

Price: call for pricing.

Working Width 1″ ~ 23.6″
Working Thickness 3/8″ ~ 1″
Main Spindle Motor 3 HP
Max. Spindle Cutting Speed 18000 RPM
X, Y Axis Servo Motor 1000 kw x 2
CNC Controller PC Base
Machine Size (L x W X H) 43″ x 68″ x 61″
N.W. 1450 LBS