tenoner cs-1a1c

Single End Tenoner (One Saw, One Shaper)
Item #CS-1A1C

  • Designed for mass sawing & shaping and production for tenoner, profile edge jobs, faster and easier.

  • Heavy sheet metal frame for durability usage.

  • Variable speed, through feed, 5” wide rubber pad conveyor for the best finish selections.

  • Two rows heavy-duty spring pressure rolls with track belts at top to hold the material tightly to prevent sliding during the cutting process.

  • Equipped with industrial motor for full power cutting and sanding capacity.

  • 6” long spindle for stackable tooling, easily adjusts and quick setup.

  • X and Y axis mechanical readout for easy reset cutter or sander positions.

  • Extra side roller table, it extends up to 36” to support the larger width material.

  • Shaper head can be moved up & down, forward & backward.

  • CS-2C2S comes with first auto jump cutterhead for clean cutting with no tear out at end.

  • The feed conveyor equipped with back up fence for squire cutting and fine finish with one pass.

  • CS-1C1B2S with profile belt sanding head for heavy-duty sanding and extend hours of sanding belt life.

PRICE: call for pricing.