Auto Slide Shaper, End Tenoner / Match with Dowel Drill
Item #CS-2145DR

  • Fully automatic cycle function, just place the material against the stops, machine will automatic clamp, move in for shaping and drilling, come out and release the hold down.

  • Fast, safe and labor saving.

  • One shaper head and one drill head for the dowel at each side of the table.

  • The 6″ high stackable spindle by pneumatic up & down with 3 different stops are easily and accurately setup for each cutter position.

  • Table moves from right to left by variable speed pneumatic-hydraulic power to achieve the full cutting power.

  • Twin table moves in and out separated for tongue and groove, end match application.

  • Twin heavy-duty pneumatic pistons hold down the workpieces tightly to the table during the cutting process.

  • Rigid construction on the heavy sheet metal frame, case iron table & base for durability usage.

  • Heavy duty industrial motor is suitable for heavy duty cutting under full load.

  • Linear guide rails and bearings let the operator moving the table smoothly.

  • Cast iron fence locks in the table groove to finish 45-degree cut easily.

PRICE: call for pricing.

Max. Cutting Length Unlimited
Max. Cutting Width (45 degree) 9″
Max. Cutting Width (90 Degree) 11″
Max. Cutter Diameter 6″ Dia
Spindle Diameter 1-1/4″
Spindle Length 7″ (Stackable)
Spindle Speed 9000 RPM
Main Motor 5HP x 2
Drill Motor 1 HP x 2
Drill Chuck 3/8″ x 2
Dust Hood 4″ x 2
Net Weight 2800 LBS