Model No: EB-3ESB

Description: AUTO EDGE BANDER (F & R Trim, T & B Trim, Polish)


  • Automatic feed station for: Gluing, Front & Rear End Trimming, Top & Bottom Edge Trimming, Top & Bottom Edge Polishing,
  • Total enclosure covers with dust hood connector.
  • Heavy and rigid construction to ensure necessary accuracy and stability.
  • To guarantee straight-line feed of the panel, a double row of rubber rollers is off centered onto top pressure beam and bottom feed track with rubber calibrated pads is running on cylindrical guide.
  • The top pressure beam is supported with two reinforced columns are equipped with visible linkages for thickness adjustment.
  • The feed of edging material, by strip or coil is automatic and synchronously with panel feed.
  • Extension rollers support for wider panels.
  • The electric and pneumatic system is incorporated in the built-in control cabinets.
  • Side Pressure Unit: Standard with one row of vertical rollers for straight edges.
  • Gluing Unit: With the use of melt glue applied on straight Panel for edges banding.
  • Double End Trimming Unit: Application for fine trimming front & rear edge by HIGH FREQUENCY saw motor
  • Edge Trimming Unit: This top and bottom edge trimming unit is complete by cutter heads with two independent HIGH FREQUENCYmotors
  • Polishing Unit: Apply the finest finish surfacing process on top and bottom edge.


Edging PVC Band Thickness 0.0015” ~ 0.118” (0.4 ~ 3 mm)
Edging Band Width 0.55” ~ 2”
Work Piece Thickness 0.47” ~1.77”
Work Piece Minimum Length 11”
Work Piece Minimum Width 3.5”
Edge Band Feed Motor 25 W
Gluing Motor 60 W
End Trimming Saw Speed 12000 RPM
End Trimming Motor ½ HP
Edge Trimming Cutter Speed 12000 RPM
Edge Trimming Motor ½ HP x 2
Polish Wheel Speed 1400 RPM
Polish Motor 1/8 HP X 2
Feed Speed 0 ~ 23 FPM
Feed Motor ½ HP
Heating Element Power 1250 W
Total Power 4 HP (3 KW)
Power  220V  3PH
Air Pressure 90 PSI
Machine Size 87″ x 28″ x 48″
N.W. 950 LBS