Model No: EB-4B

Description: AUTO BANDER (F & B Trim, T & B Trim, Polish)


  • ***** Automatic feed station for: Gluing, Pneumatic Guillotine, Double End Trimming, Top & Bottom Edge Trimming, Edge Polishing *****

  • The feed of edging material, by ** strip ** or coil is automatic and synchronously with panel feed.

  • Total enclosure covers with dust hood connector.

  • Heavy and rigid construction to ensure necessary accuracy and stability.

  • To guarantee straight-line feed of the panel, a double row of rubber toothed rollers is off centered onto top pressure beam and bottom feed track with rubber calibrated pads is running on cylindrical guide.

  • The top pressure beam is supported with two reinforced columns are equipped with visible linkages for thickness adjustment.

  • Extension rollers support for wider panels.

  • The electric and pneumatic system is incorporated in the built-in control cabinets.

  • Side Pressure Unit: Standard with one row of vertical rollers for straight edges.

  • Gluing Unit: With the use of hot melt glue applied on straight Panel for edges banding.

  • End Cutting Unit: Pneumatic guillotine application for cutting end of band material

  • Double End Trimming Unit: Application for fine trimming front & rear edge by saw blade with two independent motors

  • Edge Trimming Unit: This top and bottom edge trimming unit is complete by cutter head with two independent motors

  • Polishing Unit: Apply the finest finish surfacing process on top and bottom edge.

  • PRICE: call for pricing.

PVC Film Band Thickness0.4 ~ 3 MM0.4 ~ 3 MM0.4 ~ 3 MM0.4 ~ 3 MM
Wood Strip Band Thickness~Max. 3 MMMax. 8 MMMax. 8 MM
Work Piece Thickness10 ~ 50 MM10 ~ 50 MM10 ~ 50 MM10 ~ 50 MM
Work Piece Min. Length6.3"6.3"6.3"6.3"
Work Piece Min. Width3.5"3.5"3.15"3.15"
Edge Band Feed Motor0.025 KW0.025 KW0.025 KW0.025 KW
Gluing Motor0.75 KW0.75 KW0.75 KW0.75 KW
End Trimming Speed`12000 RPM12000 RPM12000 RPM
End Trimming Motor`0.35 KW0.35 KW0.50 KW
Rough Edge Trimming Speed~~~12000 RPM
Rough Edge Trimming Motor~~~1.1 KW x 2
Scraping Unit~~Top & BottomTop & Bottom
Fine Edge Trimming Speed12000 RPM12000 RPM12000 RPM12000 RPM
Fine Edge Trimming Motor0.7 KW x 20.7 KW x 20.7 KW x 20.7 KW x 2
Polish Wheel Speed1400 RPM1400 RPM1400 RPM1400 RPM
Polish Motor0.18 KW x 20.18 KW x 20.18 KW x 20.18 KW x 2
Feed Speed1 ~ 40 FPM0 ~ 49 FPM0 ~ 49 FPM0 ~ 49 FPM
Feed Motor1.5 KW1.5 KW1.5 KW1.5 KW
Heating Glue Tank Power2.3 KW2.3 KW2.3 KW2.3 KW
Heating Element Power0.12 KW0.12 KW0.12 KW0.12 KW
Total Power6.43 KW7.43 KW7.43 KW9.63 KW
Machine Size (L x W x H)112" x 49" x 61"152" x 49" x 61"164" x 49" x 61"176" x 49" x 61"
Net Weight1600 LBS2500 LBS2900 LBS3500 LBS