horizontal BR-200


Extra drill head with base.
Suitable and affordable for industrial and small workshop use.
Capable of using “multiple drill heads”.
Pneumatic clamp and drill head travel.
Operated by foot pedal, hands free.
360-degree horizontally swiveling head design allows for side or angular boring by any boring direction.
Working length is easily adjusted through a hand wheel.
Easy adjustment for length and depth of boring.
Easy to operate by simple step on a foot switch Air-hydraulic combination system for drill feed movement to afford smooth motions.
Front mounted, centralized control panel.
The boring units are designed with automatic clamping and boring capacity for high-efficiency operations.
The unit is directly driven with a 3 HP motor for non power-loss transmission.
The table can be adjusted up and down, and micro adjustment of the spindle allows for accurate position.
The distance between drills depend by the gear head is adjustable to meet drilling variations.
Cast iron base and table for durable usage.
Can be add more drill units with order.
OPTIONAL Multiple Drill Head.

PRICE: call for pricing.