Horizontal Saw TS P10AAT


10′ Auto panel beam saw.
Cutting large panels quickly and efficiently is a necessity in today’s competitive markets.
The computer pusher panel saw from CASTALY will bring you the capacity to cut panels quickly, easily, and accurately.
The CASTALY computer panel saw promises dramatic productivity gains with these features: advanced computer control, high efficiency automatic pusher feed system, reduced cycle time, and perfect square cutting accuracy, all at an economical price.
The automatic pusher feed system is driven by a super performance 1/2 HP AC servo motor for accurate within 0.002″ and 16 ~ 49 FPM high feeding performance.
Great select memory capacity permitting for single or multiple sizes at groups of quantity cutting.
The controller can be ON-LINED at office with a personal computer through a RS-232 interface to download cutting information. Also, the setting data can be printed out.
Employed with touch control screen for convenient operations, eliminating the problem of dust contamination.
Featuring a self diagnostic function, provided with comprehensive probable cause of trouble and detailed trouble shooting guide, allowing the operator to correct problems easily.
Superior software system is designed for human and machine interface.
The base is welded from cold rolling steel plate, offers rugged construction.
Automatic saw stroke enables to only cutting the panel actuary length and return right away, this reduces considerable cycle time.
The saw carriage runs with bronze wheel, which is CNC lathe precision machined for accurate concentricity producing fine smooth surface cut.
The guide rods, hard chrome plated, provide rigid support for saw carriage. The ripping accuracy is guaranteed.
The machine employs an advanced, high performance limit switch, its highly sensitive performance ensures extremely accurate saw stroke control.
The saw carriage feed is driven by rugged wire.
The scoring blade may be laterally adjusted for a burr-free cut or vertically adjusted for proper depth of cut and to compensate for blade wear.
A 1 HP AC motor drives the saw carriage with variable speeds are changed by frequency control 16 ~ 98 FPM, and retract speeds is 98 FPM.
The table surfaces are covered with Bakelite to prevent scratching of the panel during feeding.
Panels feed through the linear motion guide for greater accuracy and less effort.
PRICE: call for pricing.

Specifications TS-P10A TS-P10AAT
Max. Length of Cut 128″
Max. Depth of Cut 4″
Main Saw Blade Diameter 355 MM x 3.0 MM
Scoring Saw Blade Diameter 160 MM x 2.9 MM
Main Saw Blade Arbor 1″ 
Scoring Saw Blade Arbor 1″
Main Saw Blade Speed 4500 RPM
Scoring Saw Blade Speed 6500 RPM
Saw Carriage Feed Speed (Variable) 16 ~ 98 FPM
Saw Blade Return Speed 98 FPM
Saw Blade Drive Motor 10 HP
Saw Carriage Feed Motor 1 HP
Working Air Pressure 80 PSI
Table Height from Floor 33″
Auto Pusher Motor ½ HP
Auto Pusher Speed (Variable) 16 ~ 49 FPM
Machine Dimensions (L x W x H) 16.5′ x 9′ x 6′ 16.5′ x 10.5′ x 6′
N. W. 4860 LBS 5280 LBS
G. W. 6600 LBS 7000 LBS