KVAL 700-C

IMG_0286 KVAL 700-C

KVAL Model 700-C Assembly Machine used in conjunction with either the commander or 990F-3 door pre-hanging machines. Model 700-C adjustable for doors from 18″ out to 4′, and length capacity of 6’8″. Machine to have a total of four stapling guns (not included in price) mounted on corner brackets.

The method of operation includes placing the strike jam and header into position and clamping in place. The door with the hinge jamb attached is then moved out on a set of rollers, and hinge jamb located and clamped in position. A foot-pedal activates guns, which move vertically to staple in the side jambs to the header. After this, the rolls are raised so that the door unit is easily moved out from the end of the machine.

Air Requirement: 7 CFM at 90 PSI
Electrical Requirements: 120v Singles phase 3 amps
Foot Print Approx: 6′ x 10′
Shipping Information: 120″L x 80″W x 53″H 1,200 Lbs
Price: Call for Pricing