KVAL Architect DM

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KVAL ARCHITECT DM Automatic Routing and Deep Mortise Pocket Machine for commercial doors up to 2-1/4″ x 4′ x 10′. The machine automatically adjusts to correct door width, powers the door into position and clamps, then routs two, three or four hinge pockets and a complete mortise lock pocket in approximately 45- 60 seconds. Two speed AC driven feed belts and ball bearing support wheels together with phenolic chipout blocks guarantee fast mar-fee handling and machining.

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Hinge Section Features:

  1. Multi-position stops adjust for hinge sizes up to 5″, and each unit tilts from square to 3″ without altering hinge pocket backset.

  2. To adjust hinge centers, two clamping knobs are released and hand cranks dial the routing units into position with a scale and indicator or the optional LCD readout system.

  3. Chipout protection is provided for plastic laminate or fine veneered doors with retractable phenolic blocks, and the sequence of routing passes for door thickness and bit size are changed with selector switches on the control panel.

  4. Four LCD readouts for hinge router positions.

Lock Section Features:

  • 3 HP plate router for faceplate.

  • 7-1/2 HP Perske Hi Frequency Router for deep mortise latch holes (bit change required).

  • 5 HP face bore motor for cylindrical locks.

  • Powered lead screw adjust lock location from the top of the door. Position can either be read from the tape and indicator or with the optional LCD readout.

  • Handles both square and bevel face plates up to 1-1/14″ x 10″.

  • Automatic width adjustment system sets the machine for correct door width, before power positioning the next door.

  • Automatic double cylindrical lock processing with turret for up to three different lock locations.