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  • Individual drive motor for each feed rollers to ensure the maximum driving power for cutting.

  • Pneumatic brake for each spindle for added safety feature.

  • All spindles are precision constructed with “DOUBLE BEARING” at each side of shaft, total of 4 bearings and especially heat treated to provide maximum cutting stability and permanent accuracy.

  • Feed speeds ranging from 20′ ~ 98′ per minute are a standard feature, faster feed speeds up to 120″ per minute are available.

  • The full safety enclosure cover as chips guard and helps to reduce noises.

  • 79” infeed table and all the working table surface are hard-chrome plated for maximum wear resistance.

  • All manually adjusted turning parts are housed in dry bearings for oil-free lubrication.

  • One-piece, cast iron machine frame and table is especially normalization heat treated for maximum stability and rigidity.

  • The smooth initial feeding of the stock is achieved by the independently powered in-feed rollers.

  • Standard spindle speed is 7,000 RPM. Higher spindle speeds are available upon request.

  • Fence adjusted is quickly accomplished by a quick-setting lever.

  • The three independent section, pneumatic pressures for the infeed rollers, in-process rollers and outfeed rollers can be set with individual pressure allowing for consistent feeding results and outstanding effect.

  • The entire motion controls of the machine are centralized on the control panel for convenient operations.

  • All control levers for the spindles are located at the front of the machine for convenient adjustment.

  • Each spindle is provided with a mechanical digital read out, that gives accurate adjustment.

  • The pressure roller for short stock can be raised ast, providing maximum convenience while cutter changing or setup.

  • The device permits the feeding of short stocks with a minimum length of 8″.

  • Vertical spindle adjustment up to 20 mm, it allows to fit several tools on the vertical spindle, eliminating troublesome cutter change.

  • Separate adjustment of vertical spindle and insert table, permits the table to be positioned extremely close to the cutter head for added cutting stability.

  • The front pressure plate features draw-back performance with a mechanical digital read out which fully avoids damage on cutters caused by an over-height workpiece.

  • The rear pressure plate with a mechanical digital read out provides extremely uniform molding pressure for outstanding parallelism accuracy of machining.

  • Individual motor drives each spindle and is separately mounted to eliminate spindle chattering during high speed running.

  • The roller in the outfeed table is powered, providing a smooth feeding effect for the tough stock.

  • The spindles are lubricated by the centralized lubrication system for convenience.