Paul Saw

Paul Saw

Left to Right Saw-Printer-Laser Saw Front Far View 2


Paul 14 Series CNC Cross-Cut Saw

Model 14MKL serial #97111359

Basic Data

Infeed lumber length:
600 – 6500 mm ( 2’- 20’ +/-)
Lumber thickness:
15 – 140 mm ( 5/8” – 5 1/2”)
Designed with:
600mm ( 24”) saw blade
Lumber width:
89 – 380 mm ( 12”)
Minimum cut length:
273 mm ( 10 ¾”)
Maximum cut length:
6100 mm ( 20’ +/-)
Knots and defects can be cut out
Full optimization capable
Saw motor 7.5kw, 400 VD/690 VY, 50 cycl., 2900 rpm.
Feed: 4kw (5 ½ HP ) three-phase servo motor, stepless drive (Siemens) via a
toothed belt.
Special Voltage: 480v/60hz/3ph

Infeed (on the right side)

Inclined Belt Conveyor 13.0M – 230 mm wide
Measuring Station MIII – with luminescent scanner and photocell recognition of
beginning and end of lumber.
Top Pressure Roller – manual height adjustment to lumber.
Right-Hand Marking Rail – fitted to infeed conveyor.

Saw Station

Saw mounted at an angle of 30 degrees. Completely covered with hood and fitted
with window for direct view of cutting area.
6 top rollers coated with polyurethane, 1st, 4th and 5th top roller independently
Pneumatic cutting stroke, with adjustable cutting time.
Automatic waste separation by turbo air-jet blower.
Dust extraction outlets.
Automatic feed stop when hood opened.
Safety interlock on the saw blade door with standstill monitoring device.
Ink-Jet printer for marking cut pieces.

Outfeed (on the left side)

• Belt conveyor 6.0M/330 mm with guided belt.
• Belt Conveyor 11.5M/330mm with guided belt.
• Upgraded ( $4000) electronic eyes on outfeed with upgraded software.
Length Sorting System ( ejecting to left side of conveyor )

8 pneumatic ejector, 320mm strike
5 special function for coupling two ejection stations together for longer lengths.
Length sorting control via CNC control.

CNC Control

Dust free metal cabinet for computer.
Computer with monitor and keyboard.
Upgraded custom software ($8000) enabling switching optimization control on or
off. Capable of custom cut list with specific material lengths to be used.