Pro 510 Full Line CNC

Pro 510 Full Line CNC

The Pro-510 is a 5′ x 10′ fully automatic CNC line that comes equipped with a scissor lift and suction cups for automatic loading and a conveyor belt with photo eyes for automatic unloading.

This month the Pro-510 is our featured machine and for a limited time offer.

Also available in the the 4′ x 8′ for a limited time at discount.

The Pro-510 Specs:

  • 5” x 10” (1,600 mm x 3,200 mm) Phenolic Matrix Grid Vacuum Table with (6) independent zones and 8 location pins.

  • 12.8 HP (9.6 kW) “HSD” Air-cooled Router Spindle, 6,000-24,000 rpm/min.

  • Industrial Grade “SYNTEC” CNC controller with 8″ color Touchscreen LED monitor.

  • 8-position Rotary ATC that moves with the gantry.

  • Yaskawa 850w Servo drives and motors with Shimpo gear boxes.

  • HSD Boring Head with (9) mandrels in 5 x 5 L-shaped configuration.

  • Travels via 1” HWIN linear rails with pre-loaded bearings.

  • Driven by dual inclined-toothed helical rack and pinion rails and motors.

  • Z-axis movement via 1” diameter ball & screw with preloaded bearings.

  • 2,350 IPM max. traverse speed; 1,100 IPM max. working speed.

  • Automatic Scissor-Lift Infeed Table & Automatic Conveyor-Style Outfeed Table.

PRICE: call for pricing.