Sander CS-1c1b1s


1 Cutter. 1 sand belt. 1 sand wheel, shape & sand.
PRICE: call for pricing.
Designed for high production shaping and sanding of straight stock of solid wood, veneered panel and finish between coats with profile, angular, or straight edge.
Workpiece is through feed with rubber pad conveyor and spring-load pressure rolls at top, without sliding.
Extra slide side rolls extension table up to three feet for larger material supporting.
Sanding head can be adjusted forward & backward, up & down and tilt – 45 to + 90 degrees.
Variable sanding belt speeds 0 ~ 3600 RPM for the best finish result.
Automatic control jumping sanding head stroke design for not round over the front and end of material.
Variable feeding conveyor 10’ to 136’ to get different setup easily.
Sanding belt tension mechanism is self-balance designed, it maintains proper tension at all the time, that not only provides steady belt pressure but extends belt service life.
Constant sanding pressure is pneumatic cylinder controlled to achieve uniform and superior finish.
Air blower actives clean and cool down the sanding belt.
Industrial powerful shaper motor for best cutting capacity.
Shaper spindle can be adjusted up & down, in & out with 9000-RPM speed.
Extra sanding head can be used with profile disc, brush wheel or sand belt with sponge drum for fine, detail finish.

Profile Platen Belt Head
Range of Workpiece Width 2″ ~ 70″
Min. Length of Workpiece 4″
Range of Workpiece Thickness 1/6″ ~ 4″
Sanding Belt Width 1″ ~ 4″
Sanding Belt Length 98″
Belt Tilts -45° ~ +90°
Belt Drive Motor 2 HP
Sanding Belt Speed 0 ~ 2400 FPM
Profile Head Stroke 0 ~ 3″
Sanding Pressure 1 ~ 5 LBS
Wheel, Belt Head
Brush Wheel Drive Motor 2 HP
Brush Tilts +90° ~ 180°
Sanding Belt 3″ x 20″
Sanding Wheel Diameter Max. 8″
Sanding Spindle Diameter 1″
Spindle Speed 0 ~ 3600 RPM
Shaper Motor 7-1/2 HP
Shaper Speed 6000/ 8000 RPM
Shaper Spindle Diameter 1-1/4″
Shaper Spindle Length 6″
Max. Cutter Diameter 8″