Sander SD HC250

Ordinarily used for sanding curved surface or irregular contour stocks, such as chair leg…etc.
Suited for two operator works simultaneously.
Belt may be operated horizontally, vertically or set at any position in between for sanding stocks easily, accurately and safely.
Easy adjustable sand belt tension device.
Available with sponge drums by hardness 10º ~ 15º.
Sponge drum may be replaced with a brush wheel for thoroughly cleaning burrs and fine finish sanding surfaces.
Sponge drum can be also replaced with an air or rubber drum for heavy sanding operations.
Powerful industrial motor for durability usage.
Heavy sheet metal stand with storage cabinet.
PRICE: call for pricing.

Specifications SD-HC250
Sponge Drum Size Ø1.77″/ Ø2″/ Ø4″ x 6″ (Ø45/ Ø60/ Ø100 x 152 mm)
Sanding Belt Size 6″ x 25″ (152 x 635 mm)
Sanding Belt Motor 1 HP (4P) (2 HP)
Sanding Belt Speeds 3 Speeds
Machine Dimension 37″ x 22″ x 43″ (950 x 560 x 1090 mm)
Packing Dimension 47″ x 32″ x 50″ (1200 x 810 x 1270 mm)
N. W. 243 LBS (110 kg)
G. W. 298 LBS (135 kg)