Sander SD VC406S

Vertical 6″ curve sander.
Capable of sanding relatively heavier weight or more intricate curved products.
Spring-load feed roll tension to automatically adjust the sanding distance for variation at workpiece width.
Sanding is semi-automatic feeding the workpiece by AC motor, drives feed roll smoothly for faster production.
Feed speed is infinitely variable speed adjusted for best finish results.
Easy adjustable sand belt tension device.
Feed drum is movable that enables this series of sanders especially suited for sanding inside hollow products, such as round rings, ellipse rings, etc.
Available with sponge drums by hardness 10º ~ 15º.
Sponge drum may be replaced with a brush wheel for thoroughly cleaning burrs and fine finish sanding surfaces.
Sponge drum can also be replaced with an air or rubber drum for heavy sanding operations.
Powerful industrial motor for durability usage.
Heavy sheet metal cabinet stand.
PRICE: call for pricing.

Specifications SD-VC406S SD-VC412S
Sponge Drum Length 6″ 12″
Sponge Drum Dia. 3″ or 4″
Sanding Belt Size 6″ W x 25″ L 12″ W x 25″ L
Drive Drum Speed (RPM)  800/ 2200/ 2950 800/ 1400/ 2100 
Clamping Pressure  Spring Pneumatic 
Sanding Belt Drive Motor  1 HP 2 HP 
Feed Motor  1/8 HP 
N. W.  620 LBS 630 LBS 
G. W.  720 LBS 730 LBS