Sander SD VS300

Vertical spindle, belt, brush sander.
Ideal for sanding contour edges, such as chair seats, round plates, etc.
Table may be tilted up to 45º for angular edge sanding.
Available with sponge drums by hardness 10º ~ 15º.
Easy adjustable sand belt tension device.
Sponge drum may be replaced with a brush wheel for thoroughly cleaning burrs, and fine finish sanded surfaces.
Sponge drum can also be replaced with an air or roller drum for spindle sanding operations.
Table height can be adjusted for different sanding belt area.
Powerful industrial motor for durability usage.
Heavy sheet metal cabinet stand.
PRICE: call for pricing.

Specifications SD-VS300
Sponge Drum Length 6″
Sponge Drum Dia. 3″ or 4″
Sanding Belt Size 6″ W x 25″ L
Drive Drum Speed (3 Speeds) 800/ 2200/ 2950 RPM
Motor 1HP, 1PH
N. W. 220 LBS
G. W. 275 LBS