Sander WS-51B4

sander WS-51B4

51″ Orbital brush sander.
This model especially suited for irregular surface sanding (other design is available).
Designed for solving irregular or profile surface sanding problems easily and quickly such as sculptured panels, bas-relief or beehive, various profiles of panel inserts, window and raised panel door frames, sculptured doors.
Also, it does a very good job for fine finish, lacquered sanding such as solid wood, veneer, lacquered panel sanding, and burr cleaning.
Two brush heads running 0 degrees and two brush heads running 15 degrees to limit the sanding mark.
All four brush sanding heads are oscillating by variable speed adjustment.
All four brush sanding heads are turning by variable speed control to achieve best sanding result for different purposes.
The panel pressure device is specially designed to handle small pieces of stock. It requires no vacuum, saving space and cost.
The new machine structure consists of two reversible crosswise brushes, combined with forward running brush permitting cross and longitudinal sanding to be performed simultaneously.
With wide belt sander at the end to do fine finish sanding for the top flat surface.
Any type of irregular surface can be sanded easily and quickly.
The brush can be conveniently and quickly replaced.
PRICE: call for pricing.

Specifications WS-40B4 WS-51B4 WS-40S2B2 WS-51S2B2
 Max. Working Width 39″ 51″ 39″ 51″
Max. Working Height 8-1/4″
Total of Sanding Brush 4
Sanding Brush Angle 0 x 4 0 x 2, 15 x 2
Sanding Motor 2 HP x 4 3 HP x 4 2 HP x 4 3 HP x 4
Table Height Adjust Motor 1/2 HP
Brush Height Adjust Motor 1/2 HP
Brush Oscillating Motor 1/4 HP
Feed Motor 2 HP
Feed Speed 0 ~ 75 FPM
Sanding Brush Speed 600 ~ 1000 RPM
Sanding Brush Arbor 40 mm
Sanding Brush Diameter 12″
Machine Size (L x W x H) 103″x 62″ x 77″ 103″ x 74″x 77″ 122″ x 62″x 77″ 122″ x 74″ x 77″
N. W. 8200 LBS 9900 LBS 9200 LBS 10300 LBS
G. W. 8600 LBS 10500 LBS 9500 LBS 10900 LBS