Sander WSB-5275


52″ Lacquer finish sander. Specially designed for veneer or final finishing of lacquered panels, thin slice and solid wood sanding.
Sponge soft drumhead design makes this unit ideal for lacquered panel sanding.
The abrasive belt running direction is reversible, making it suitable for work on a variety of paint materials.
A transistor inverter for easy adjustment, providing superior finishing results, controls variable abrasive belt sanding speed.
The machine features variable feeding speed to meet all types of paint or hardness of wood materials, to get a superior fine finishing surface effect.
Air blow cleaning devise cleans the dust from the abrasive belt at all times for long life and fine sanding usage.
Powered panel cleaning brush is provided for cleaning the panel surface after sanding.
Automatic table elevation is controlled by digital computer thickness control to get perfect sanding size with in 0.004” accuracy.
Body activated emergency stop bar allows for instant shut down of machine.

Specifications WSB-2560 WSB-3760 WSB-5275
Max. Working Width 24″ 36″ 50″
Max. Working Thickness 5″
Sanding Belt Dimension (W x L) 25″ x 60″

37″ x 60″

52″ x 75″
Dust Collection Hood 
(Diameter x Holes)
4″ x 3 6″ x 3 8″ x 2, 4″ x 1
Main Motor (HP) 5 15
Cleaning Brush Motor 1/4 HP 1/2 HP 1/2 HP
Feed Motor (HP) 1 2 3
Table Raising/ Lowering Motor (HP) ½
Feed Speed (FPM) 28 ~ 80 25 ~ 60 28 ~ 80
Working Air Pressure (CFM) 6 7
Exhaust Volume Required (CFM) 1500 3600 4500
N. W. 1364 LBS 2860 LBS 4840 LBS
G. W. 1694 LBS 3300 LBS 5500 LBS