Staircase Assembly Clamp

Model 2210

Staircase Assembly Clamp

Equipment Features

  • Operates in conjunction with Stair Stringer Router to maximize production
  • Accommodates up to 20′ L stringers with maximum width of 54″
  • Air operated clamping cylinders securely hold stringers, treads, and risers in position for glue and wedge application
  • Large bore cylinder provides maximum clamping force
  • Nine side-retaining members mounted on each side, positionable to allow 2 or 3 nails to be inserted through stringers into treads
  • Comes with manufacturer’s standard 1 year warranty


Gross weight approx. 1,500 pounds
Measures approx. 18′ x 3′ x 3′
Air requirements 110psi at 2cfm
Electrical requirements none

Available Options

Parts Kit for fast handling of user-replaceable parts