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Introducing the NOMAD Door Machine

The NOMAD accomplishes all the same functions as the Dotul Maverick Door Machine with the exception of door beveling.

The NOMAD will pre-hand or pre-fit doors from 1/0 x 4/0 and upto 9/0 and up to 2 1/4 inches thick.

The NOMAD offers automatic lock and latch drilling; face plate routing; & hinge routing for door & jamb.

The NOMAD dimensions are less then 15′ x 4′ to allow for a smaller shop foot print.

The NOMAD is fast and simple allowing for machining of up to 200 doors per day.

 The NOMAD can be accessorized as a Mobile unit.

The NOMAD’s price is half of most vertical door machines on the market today.

 Call today for pricing and delivery dates. 530-345-4536.