Clamp CC 4820AO

clamp CC-4820AC

44″ x 100″ 20 Sections auto clamp carrier.
Line of automated room temperature cold gluing and lamination, joints are dried naturally, to achieve maximum strength bond.
Large I-beam frame & legs for max. rigidity and durability.
Heavy-duty zine-plated clamp with huge 3/4″ diameter jack bolt for super strength.
Caterpillar chain drive the clamp sections rotate powerfully.
A select switch control for move on auto or manual mode.
A most versatile and reliable edge gluing machine for wood working industry, laminating for laminate board, parquet, flat stock, table top, core black, truck flooring, turnings, up chair seat, queen leg and many other.
The clamp tightener, with two pneumatic wrench for rapid tightening and loosening of clamp.
The two panel flattener is pneumatic powered to hold down the panels flat while clamps are tightened.

Specifications CC-4820AO CC-4830AO CC-4840AO
Total of Sections 20 30 40
Clamps at Each Section 8
Total Clamps 160 240 320
Max. Clamp Working Depth 44″
Max. Working Width 100″
Max. Working Thickness 3-1/2″
Panel Flattener 2
Tightener Wench 1
Drive Motor 3 HP
Hydraulic Pump 2 HP